Hilary Foster is the force behind Hilary London, a company she founded in 1996 to import quality European products. “As a European importer, I bought jewelry and small trinkets from producers in the Netherlands, Austria and England to sell to retailers in North America. They did well, but I wasn’t completely satisfied with the merchandise that was available and knew I could design collections that would be better suited to my market. I was too busy creating a business to work on my own designs, but knew that it would be important to be truly successful.”
Ten years later, Hilary London is an internationally recognized brand name that is synonymous with sophisticated Italian stylings for her and for home. Hilary’s love of bold color and exotic travel are cornerstones of her collections. Her pieces are available worldwide in fine boutiques and hotels such as Gump’s San Francisco and The Venetian Las Vegas and Macau, China. You can also see her live on Shop NBC in the United States and QVC in the United Kingdom.